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Welcome to Modena by Fraser Jinjihu Suzhou

Offering 237 serviced apartment units comprising studios, one- and two-bedrooms, Modena by Fraser Jinjihu Suzhou represents 4-star modern living comfort in Suzhou, China. Located within walking distance to the Harmony Times Square, Suzhou International Expo Centre, Science & Cultural Centre and the famous Jinji Lake, Modena Suzhou is well-spaced and equipped with facilities, ideal and affordable for short to extended stays.

Modena by Fraser Jinjihu Suzhou, situated within the Suzhou Industrial Park, is readily accessible via the MRT Xing HuJie Station just around the corner and a railway station 10 minutes away by taxi.


Modena by Fraser Jinjihu Suzhou

Shantang Street

At more than 1,100 years old, the street has come a long way in history connecting the city to its present with 3.5km of shopping and sightseeing.

Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre

Home to the world-renowned annual Golden Rooster Cinematic Awards, the centre serves as a platform both for the development of the Jiangsu’s culture and arts and for international cultural exchange.

Suzhou Museum

A contemporary façade that sits among three of Suzhou’s most famous gardens, the museum is a modern yet in-depth rendition of the city’s cultural and historical evolution over the centuries.

Xietang Street

Located by the south of the Yangtze River, this is a waterfront town backed with a thousand-year history ever-ready to impress with its preserved culture.

Shiquan Street

In this ancient downtown of Suzhou, you will find unique architectures that now house gastronomical delights and enchanting craftworks, such as the Suzhou embroidery.

Luzhi Town

With canals running through the thousand-year old town, the water town is known to have a bridge at every 5 steps of the way, most of which are stone arched and beautifully preserved since the 17th century.

Li Gong Di-Modern Leisure Life Palace

The most modern facet of Suzhou is presented here at the waterside, where night clubs, top-grade Western eateries and spas exist to pamper the most seasoned traveller in perfect view of the Jinji Lake.

Moon Harbour

Thought to be one of Suzhou’s best kept secrets, this is a scenic spot not to be missed.

Blue Marlin

A popular hangout for foreigners and locals alike, for dining, drinking and relaxing.

The Max Bar

A great place to socialize, catch on the latest sports events, or simply down some beers served alongside American fare.

Pandora Club

Featuring a 3D bar, the place tunes up to electro music that will keep the night going.

Muge KTV

A KTV lounge for those who live downtown, this place provides affordable entertainment in the form of plain singing fun.

Canglang Pavilion

The oldest garden in Suzhou with a thousand-year history has been conceived as a retreat for the royals, and is much celebrated not just for its exquisite architecture, but also the artistic way of dealing with spaces based on the knowhow those days.

Lion Forest Garden

Just 100m down south of Canglang Pavilion, the garden offers a totally different ambience with natural rock formations that resemble lions.

Master-of-Nets Garden

Be mesmerized as you go back in time defying all things modern, in what is believed to be one of the smallest but the most beautiful gardens in Suzhou.

Jinji Lake

The largest inland city lake in China, literally called the “golden rooster”, occupies 10 sqm of nature’s space that boasts of Suzhou’s “New Heaven on Earth”.

Suzhou Zoo

This is a must-visit for travellers with children in tow.

Humble Administrator’s Garden

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest garden in Suzhou and is highly proclaimed as one of the finest in all of southern China.

Song He Lou

The traditional restaurant offers a large, delectable selection of food that is categorized according to seasons and flavours.

Blue Marlin

For travellers who relish western fare, this is a popular choice.

Wu Men Ren Jia

Featuring recipes created during the Qing Dynasty in the early 1900s, one is served like a king with a menu once reserved for the royals.

Element Fresh

Offers a variety of Asian menu alongside great salads, sandwiches, juices and smoothies.

Grandma’s Kitchen

Serving tantalizing authentic local fare nearby Modena by Fraser Jinjihu Suzhou within the Suzhou Industrial Park, the restaurant is popular among the locals and foreigners.


For a switch to authentic Indian food, the restaurant matches up its great food with traditional Indian wood works as well.

Jinguang Department Store

A great shopping venue integrating dining, entertainment, facilities and amenities that cater to the needs of all at home.

Harmony Times Square

Located at the east bank of Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park, the square is a huge complex featuring entertainment and recreation, waterfront dining, business offices, shopping and lots more, all in one.

Yu Ou Lai Suzhou Village

A distinctive shopping experience in a European architecture that is inspired by Marco Polo’s expedition into Asia.

In City

One of Suzhou’s latest and largest shopping malls within the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Tianhong Department Store

Located within the Suzhou Industrial Park, the store is known for fashion, dining and wining, and anything that stands for lifestyle.

Guanqian Commercial Circle

A shoppers’ paradise that fuses dining, entertainment, recreation, facilities and amenities that will meet the needs of both the young and old.

Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre

Home to the world-renowned annual Golden Rooster Cinematic Awards, the centre serves as a platform both for the development of the Jiangsu’s culture and arts and for international cultural exchange.

Suzhou Amusement Land

Locally known as “China’s Disney World”, the 540,000 sqm amusement park is an iconic amalgamation of natural beauty with modern facilities, topped with fun and excitement that will never end.

Ferris Wheel Amusement Park

Romance is in the air with this Asia’s largest Ferris wheel, accompanied by spectacular views of the Jinji Lake and made complete with excitement arising from the other adventure rides.

Gold Coast Theatre

The place glitters every night with performances of all sorts, from singing to acrobatics and cross-dressing, all in the name of great entertainment.

Conference Centre Theatre

A large-scale multiplex with a seating capacity of 1200 pax, the theatre is a popular venue for festivities, conferences, art performances and films.

Suzhou Jinji Lake Museum

A non-profit art gallery that focuses on art collections, academic research and public education.

DuShu Lake Higher Education Town Sports Development Centre

Here at the largest modern sports centre in Suzhou Industrial Park, you’ll find facilities perfect for sports of all kinds, from basketball to taekwondo, yoga and chess, just to name a few.

Suzhou Sports Centre

A grand and spectacular facility that combines national fitness, sports competitions, performances, conventions, exhibitions and entertainment into a single venue.

Suzhou Sun Island Golf Club

Tee off in the backdrop of magnificent hill views.

Suzhou Taihu International Golf Club

Against beautiful lake views, the spectacular golf course has been transformed from one of the Suzhou gardens.

Suzhou SIP Hurricane 1 Bowling Alley

Here at the world-class bowling centre, you will get to bowl at national standard under professional guidance.

Suzhou SIP Genway Sport Development Co. Ltd

Get fit here at the Xinghai Swimming and Badminton Club.

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